Play Based & Developmentally Appropriate

NOT JUST PLAY does not use a set/scripted curriculum. Although we have Creative Curriculum on the premises, we have pulled from several different curriculums, spoken to local kindergarten teachers, and relied on the vast experience of our teachers to design a curriculum that works for the individual needs of each child. Every year our students come to us with different ability and experience levels.

We are a play based preschool. Which means our students are encouraged to explore their interest in our classrooms but we as teachers help to facilitate their learning. Letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. do not have to be learned through drill and practice worksheets. Instead, we may form our letters out of play dough, use paintbrushes in sand to practice writing our numbers, or practice counting the play food we are prending to eat.  We offer lots of hands on experiences to make "learning" fun and meaningful for each child.  

We have 2 classrooms that the kids will use on a daily basis. Our upstairs classroom is designed for open play, where as our downstairs classroom has more of a "classroom" feel.  This is where they will have circle time, small or whole group activities, and learning centers. 

Preschool is not about memorizing and drill and practice.  At NOT JUST PLAY, we feel a high quality program should include ample opportunities to:

problem solve, mange daily transitions, deal with emotions, explore sensory activities, improve fine motor skills, "try" and persevere, follow directions, experience consequences, gain independence, communicate effectively, take turns, build confidence, engage in imaginative play, and FAIL SAFELY.

If kids can do these things with consistency, the academics will fall into place.  

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